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8 Genius Tricks for an IG worthy closet

Use these eight genius closet tricks to have an IG worthy looking closet. 

1. No Junk Drawer

Place small items like sunglasses into labeled bins.

2. Use slim his and her hangers

If you share a closet with someone (like many of us do). Try getting slim hangers in two colors. One color for you and another color for the other person. These hangers will also help maximize storage space.

3. Use cute hooks

Hang necklaces up on cute hooks that attach to the inside of your closet door. 

4. Hide your less-cute items

 Items like pjs and workoutgear can be folded and hidden in a drawer.

5. Store items you don’t wear year-round

Clothing you don’t wear all the time or are seasonal can be folded and placed in clear storage bins. Take these bins and place them close to the closet ceiling. 

6. Stop stacking those handbags

Instead of stacking handbags somewhere on a shelf, try hanging them up on hooks as well.

7. Start stacking shoes

Figure out on which pairs of shoes you wear most. Then try stacking them on shelves.

8. Shoe storage

For the shoes you wear less often, place them in clear storage bins.

Let us know what genius closet tricks you use to have an IG worthy closet. Would love to hear.

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