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7 Amazingly simple tricks for growing your hair out

Be sure to condition

I’m not saying to use conditioner every single day or anytime you get your hair wet. With all of the styling tools and hair coloring, you need something to help strengthen your hair by replacing the lipids and proteins. Conditioner helps replace these on the outer shaft of your hair. It also helps seal the cuticle.

Don’t shampoo daily

Shampooing your hair is actually something you should skip on as much as possible. The purpose of shampooing is to wash away dirt, but most shampoos are filled with sulfates. These sulfates can strip the natural oils your hair needs to be healthy. When you do go to wash your hair look for sulfate-free shampoos. It is also recommended to only lather at your scalp.

Use a mask weekly

The longer your hair is, the older it is. The older it is, the more TLC it needs. Think of it in terms of your Great Great Aunt Margo who has to go to a nursing home. As time goes on, she needs more and more care that normal family can’t provide. Weekly hair masks do what normal conditioners can’t do for your older hair. Opt for a moisture based mask or an oil treatment weekly.

Brush hair gently

Physical damage is caused when hair is brushed without care. This can prevent hair from ever becoming long. When you detangle your hair, always start from the bottom working your way up slowly and gently.

Use satin or silk pillowcases

These two fabrics are much softer than cotton. Cotton pillowcases can cause hair to mat or tangle while sleeping. You can always check for cheaper alternatives or keep an eye out on clearance isles.

Use a thin microfiber towel

Microfiber hair towels are much better at absorbing water and don’t cause hair to become caught in normal towel fibers. You can also use a soft T-shirt instead as well. Did you know you are probably wrapping your hair too tightly in a normal towel anyway? Don’t worry, as many of us do.

No more ponytails

Wearing your hair in a ponytail occasionally should be perfectly fine. Wearing your hair up in a ponytail every single day isn’t. It can cause your hair to break over time. Why? The repetitive tension. Try switching to a head band to keep hair out of your eyes or use scrunchies instead. Scrunchies won’t cause as much damage.

If you have bleached or super fragile hair, it might be better to forget ponytails ever existed. Putting your hair up in a ponytail can cause your hair to split where the hair tie is located. One simple ponytail can be the death of your hair.

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