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5 Genius Clothing Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of

Clothes, clothes and more clothes! Most women have a love hate relationship with their clothes. We love to wear them at times and hate the hassle. They can be the reason for major disappointment when something snags, there are loose threads hanging, or your dress will NOT stay still.

What really sucks is the fact that trying to fix these issues are not convenient. Not to mention impossible when you’re out and in a hurry or don’t have any cash. Try some of these simple fashion hacks to help fix some problems.

Bring Your Faux-Fur Back To Life.  

Attempting to get in the last couple uses of your nice furry coat before it heats up, however, it is all tangled and pilled and not charming? Be careful and take a back-brush to it to give it more life. This strategy additionally helps with unpleasant pilling so your jackets and sweaters will look as close to new as you can get.

De-lint Your Clothes 

Most of us don’t carry a lint roller around in our purse or pocket. Of course, we seem to always need one at the worst possible moment! Instead, grab some packing tape. Use the sticky side to grab that unwanted lint and all of those loose hairs. 

Heavy Earrings 

Ever notice how quickly the back to your earring disappears when you are in a crowed place? I know I’ve had it happen a million times. It is even worse when your earrings are on the heavier side and begin weighing down your ear lobes.  

Grab a pencil and tear part of the eraser off. Once it has been torn off, quickly push the earring post into the eraser and continue with your day. Beats having to explain why you only have one earring in. 

Remove Annoying Deodorant Streaks 

Try rubbing the streak with another piece of fabric or a fabric softener sheet. This will only work on newly fresh deodorant streaks. If the streak has been there for a while, it will require much more TLC.

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