Children need help dealing with the loss of a loved one.
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Helping Children Deal With Death

Lose a close family member or friend? Have children? Need help helping your child deal with the death? Here are a few things you can do to help your child deal with someones death.

Anytime someone passes, a child will feel and show their grief and pain in different ways. How close the child was to the person, how old they are, and things of this nature will play a role in how they cope with the loss.

Simple and clear words

When it comes time to tell the child the dreaded news, be sure to use simple words. They are already taking in a lot and using complex wording will not help any.

Show that you care

Be sure to speak with a caring tone. Use a soft tone instead of being loud and hysterical.


Every child reacts differently. Be sure to give them time to speak and really listen. If they have questions, answer them to your best ability, while keeping in mind their age.


Some children will cry and some wont. Either way, do your best to comfort them. Give a hug and hold them. Rub their back lightly while hugging. Make sure to let them know you are there for them no matter what.

Express Feelings

During the next few days, weeks and even months, make sure to talk to your child. Ask them to express how they are feeling. Then talk about the feelings. Try to not let the child bottle their feelings up.

Explain what to expect

Nobody likes surprises. So sit the child down and explain exactly what will happen next. Tell them if a memorial will be held and what will happen. Explain how the funeral will work and will go. This helps the child know exactly what is coming.

Remember the person

Help your child remember the person who has passed. Tell stories, pass items down, or frame pictures of the person and the child. Let the child tell you things they remember.

Help feel better

Doing things together can help your child feel better. Activities that help get your child’s mind off things can help.


Just like with adults, it will take time for the child to heal. Grief is a process that happens over time and is not a process that is instant. Keep this in mind as some children will take longer than others to go through the process.

Do you have advice for parents with children who have lost a loved one?

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