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Simple Ways To Organize A Closet

It is extremely hard to keep a clean and orderly bedroom if the closet isn’t. A cluttered closet means a cluttered bedroom. Try using some or all of these closet ideas to keep your shoes, clothes, and accessories nicely put away.

Try lowering the bar clothes hang on in a closet. This should allow for extra storage space above.

Where Your Clothes Hang

The average closet doesn’t leave much room above or below where your clothes hang for storage. Try lowering the bar so clothes hang lower. This should allow for extra storage space above.

Move Your Dresser

If you have a walk-in closet, try moving your dresser out of the bedroom and into the closet. This will help open up more space in your bedroom and help keep things out of sight.

Move Your Laundry Basket

If you keep your laundry basket in your bedroom, try moving it out of sight and into the closet. Again, this will open up more space in the bedroom and keep dirty clothes out of sight.

Keep bags and purses off the floor by adding closet hooks to closet walls.

Closet Hooks + Bags/Purses

Try adding closet hooks to closet walls. This is a great place to store bags, purses, belts, and much more. It also helps keep them off your floor.

Shoe Organizer

Look for a shoe organizer that will hang on the back of the closet door. Making easy access to your shoes, while keeping them picked up and put away.

Clear Storage Containers

While they might not be the prettiest, they get the job done! The clear storage containers can also make it a little easier for you to visibly see what is inside. I always place a sticky label on mine and make sure to write down the contents inside.

Toss In A Few Lavender Satchels

While these won’t help you stay organized, they will help keep clothes from getting that musty smell and ward off insects. Place them in drawers, storage containers, and a few around your closet to help.

What tips do you have when it comes to organizing closets? If you liked this, be sure to check out the bathroom hacks or kitchen hacks?

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