Kitchen hacks everyone should know
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Kitchen Hacks Everyone Should Know

Try some of these kitchen hacks/tips to help save time and money!

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  • Help remove sticky residue from price tags using a little creamy peanut butter on a piece of paper towel. Rub in a circular motion until the glue has been lifted. Make sure to rinse with soap and water!

  • Two for one! Soak a sponge in water, place on the turnabout in your microwave, and start for a minute. This helps loosen caked on foods, making it easier to clean your microwave. It also helps disinfect your bacteria harboring sponge.

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  • Tired of freezer burnt ice cream? Place a piece of wax paper over the ice cream container before putting on the lid.
  • Wooden Spoons not looking or smelling the same as they use to? Try boiling them in a pot of water and setting in the sun to dry.
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  • Vodka isn’t just for drinking! Grab a microfiber cloth, dampen a corner and wipe your electric stove top. Food buildup is broken down by the alcohol.

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  • Rust? No thank you! Before putting away your cast iron, wipe it down with paper towel to make sure it is completely dry. Then try wrapping it in paper towel before putting away. This should help ensure any moisture is absorbed.

  • Absorb moisture and odors in your fridge by lining your produce drawers with newspaper. Replace weekly or as needed.

  • Cloudy glassware? Grab your kettle and boil some water. Hold the cup upside down over the steam coming from the kettle, and then wipe clean with a cloth. Microfiber works best.
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  • Unless you want to remove the seasoning from your cast iron skillets, never use soap and water to clean them. Try a salt-scrub to remove stuck on foods instead.
  • Reheat pizza and other baked goods in the microwave without fear of drying them out by placing a cup of water in with it. This will put moisture in the air and help you avoid drying the food out.

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