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Really? Don’t Throw A Fit In The Store!

Ever see a child throwing a fit in a store? Unless you shop at adult only stores, at 2 AM in non-kid friendly departments, or only shop online, I’m sure you have. I know I have seen tantrums of all types and from just about all different ages. Everything from a baby to a full grown adult.

Some parents give in during these situations, some don’t and some might compromise. For the ones who ignore it for a few minutes and the child stops, how? First, how can you ignore the sounds of screaming, wailing, kicking, crying, high pitched squeals, and all of those other weird noises they can make? On top of that, how in the heck did you ignoring them for a matter of minutes get them to top? Can you or will you teach me your secrets great master??

Photo by Marco Albuquerque on Unsplash

I only ask these things because I am one of those parents who have done just about any technique there is. I’m not proud to say I’ve given in at times, but sometimes you do what you have to do. After all, if you’ve have a crap day already and now you got a kid screaming because he/she wants a candy bar, just get them the damn candy bar before you lose it and wig out on everyone.

Ignoring my screaming child isn’t my specialty. There are a few different reasons. Number one being the fact that I don’t have the patience. Five minutes of my kid screaming is like 6 hours to me. Feeling like everyone is looking at us (which I’m pretty sure I’m right about) and praying that nobody says anything to me about how loud and obnoxious my child is being. After all, I’m not really the confrontational type.

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

Compromising, to me, is almost pointless. It might work great for some of you, but not so much for me. My youngest will try to strike a deal with me sometimes. In those cases, I know I have to keep up my end of the bargain but the moment we walk out of the store….all deals are null and void on his end. I’ve tried the “You can have one snack from the store but none from the other stores we have to go,” “If you get this, you’re not getting anything else,” and who knows what else.

No matter what I’ve tried, it doesn’t always work. It also depends on if there is an underlying reason for my youngest’s behavior. Anything from a long day at school to needing a nap can cause him to become a huge whine ass. Love him and my other children to death and wouldn’t give them away for anything, but its the truth.

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