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How To Use A Beautyblender

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard about the Beautyblender. Just about every professional makeup artist and Beauty YouTuber seem be using them. Not only are they using them, many keep more than one in their makeup kits. 

These cute egg-shaped makeup sponges have slowly become a must-have in the beauty industry. Ever since Rea Ann Silva created the Beautyblender’s pink sponge many years ago, copycats have been popping up left and right. But who wouldn’t want to try and recreate it? After all, it a game changer for makeup application.

I’m sure you, like many others and myself, already have one or more hanging out on your vanity. What you might not have is a clear understanding on how exactly to use it. If you are anything like me, you will go from one extreme to another. I have spent hours looking up how to properly use something. I have also been too lazy to look up directions, used my best judgement, and just kind of went with it.

With the Beautyblender being $20 a piece, I figured a “how to” might be useful to some. I know I wouldn’t want to purchase one, only to ruin it because I didn’t know what I was doing. So just ahead is the simple steps used in using it.

How to Use It 

Left: Not damp. Right: Saturated.

Step 1: Get the sponge wet. Make sure to squeeze the Beautyblender a few times while under a running faucet. This helps make sure it is fully saturated. You’ll know it is done when the sponge has just about doubled in size. 

Step 2: Squeeze out any excess water using a towel. I like using paper towel. Make sure you don’t use your hands to twist and wring the sponge out. Doing this can cause it to become ripped, torn, or damaged in other ways. 

Step 3: Next, you can apply the foundation two different ways. You can apply directly to your face or dip the rounded end of the sponge into the foundation. If you don’t want to apply directly to your face, place a small amount of foundation to the back of your hand. Then lightly dip the rounded end of the sponge and begin applying to your face. 

Do not rub or drag the sponge across your skin. Instead, take the sponge and bounce it along your skin, lightly pressing the surface. This technique is called ‘stippling.’ You might need to go over an area multiple times in order to make sure everything is completely blended.  

Don’t mind me staring off. Was trying to show what my foundation looked like after using the steps I mentioned.

Step 4: Use the pointed side of the Beautyblender to blend in smaller areas. Places like under the eyes, around the nose, and mouth. It is also recommended to use this end when using concealers as well. Use the same technique when applying concealer. I advise you to press a bit softer in these areas. This is in order to not transfer concealer to other areas of the face by accident. 

Freshly washed and now sitting out to dry.

Step 5: Clean your Beautyblender and set out to dry! Washing after each use is highly recommended. You should also never place the sponge in a drawer, ziplock bag, makeup back or anything like this. It needs to be set out in the open (somewhere with good air circulation) in order to dry. If you don’t allow it to dry, mold can begin to grow. I place mine on top of the container it came in. Once it has fully dried, it falls back inside.  

I hope this helps many of you Beautyblender lovers out there. I’m planning on getting another blog post up (hopefully soon) with more helpful tips and information about these amazing little things. 

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