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L’OREAL Pure-Clay Mask Purify & Mattify Review

Who doesn’t like to take some time and apply a nice face mask? I do! Face masks are a great way to relax and clean your skin all at the same time. Of course this is only if the mask actually works.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve looked at many of the new L’OREAL Pure-Clay Masks. Since money has been a bit tight lately, I couldn’t bring myself to buying one. On Sunday, I ran to a local discount store. To my surprise, the older man who owned and ran the store, actually had one L’OREAL Pure-Clay Mask Purify & Mattify. I grabbed it about as fast as I noticed it on the shelf. I really couldn’t pass up the $3.00 price tag!

L’OREAL Pure-Clay Mask Purify & Mattify 3 Pure Clays + Eucalyptus

After making my purchase, I rushed home. I placed my bags on the bed and got to work on dishes. A few hours passed and I was done with what needed to be done. I noticed my husband was taking a nap, the kids were playing, and I had some extra time for once. So I figured I’d finally try out my new clay mask. Of course, before I got started, I took a look at the box.

L’OREAL Pure-Clay Mask Purify & Mattify

  • Created to beautify your skin in minutes.
  • Powered by 3 different clays in their pure form and enhanced with a nature-sourced ingredient.
  • Indulgent creamy textures – multi-sensorial experience with every use.
  • Addresses skin concerns to reveal clarified, mattified, and refreshed complexion.
  • Glides on and rinses off easily.
  • Does not dry out skin.
  • All skin types

Powerful Blend of 3 Clays + Eucalyptus

  • Formulated with Kaolin + Montmorillonite + Moroccan Lava Clays enhanced with Eucalyptus Leaf Extract.
  • Draw out build-up of impurities, dirt, and oils
  • Absorb impurities and unclog pores
  • Reduce excess shine
  • Refresh and allow skin to breathe

Effective Results


  • Skin is perfectly clean and clear
  • Pores look unclogged with all impurities removed
  • Skin looks less shiny and excess sebum is reduced
  • Skin looks smoother

Use After Use:

  • Skin looks reenergized and refreshed
  • Skin feels as though it can breathe better
  • Skin is healthy looking and more beautiful

The jar isn’t very big, only containing 1.7 oz of product inside. Not a whole lot for the $13-$15 price tag. The jar it self does seem very durable. The glass is fairly thick all the way around. So an accidental drop on the floor shouldn’t mean a shattered or busted jar.

How To Use

Please make sure to be cautious when using a face mask. Remember to avoid the area around your eyes and mouth. Always read the directions and warning labels. Check to see what needs to be done if the product gets in your eyes, is ingested, etc. This will let you know what to do if the situation were to arise.

Opening it up, I noticed the greenish gray colored stuff inside. I was expecting something a bit creamier in texture. It was nice and smooth, but a bit difficult to spread once applied to the skin. The moment it went on the skin, the thick clay didn’t make it easy to move around. I then had to take much smaller amounts and had to try spreading it evenly over my face.

In the past, I’ve added a few drops of water to my face if the mask was thick like this one. I’ve also added anywhere from a few drops to a very small amount of water straight into the jar containing the mask. This was only to give it a better consistency and make it easier to apply. In some cases, not adding water would have made the mask unable to be applied. I didn’t add any water to this specific mask or to my face.

Now that the mask was fully applied, I had ten to fifteen minutes of time to sit, relax and wait. While waiting for the timer on my phone to go off, I grabbed a cup of coffee, scrolled through my Facebook news feed, and messaged a friend. As time went, I could begin to feel my face and skin tighten up. The further into the 10-15 minutes it got, the stiffer my face became.

Remember to avoid the area around your eyes and mouth. Always read the directions and warning labels.

I left the mask on the full 15 minutes. Why? Well, it had been at least month since I’d had a chance to do a mask and figured my skin needed it. I could barely open my mouth by the time the 15 minutes were up. Taking a sip of my coffee was fairly hard. I was able to open my mouth just enough to get a small sip. So I’m sure you can image how stiff my face was.

Using warm water, I began rinsing the mask off. I knew the box said, “Glides on and rinses off easily.” I also knew it didn’t “glide on” as easily as I thought it would. So I’m not sure why I thought it would rinse off easily either. I ended up having to use my fingertips with the warm water to help rub my face and get it off. It took me a few minutes to make sure the entire mask was rinsed off. So not as easy as I’d hoped for.

Once it was off, I lightly patted my face dry. Even though it wasn’t the easiest to apply or rinse off, it was WELL worth how my face was now feeling. I don’t think I’ve ever used a product that made my face feel this clean. I’m sure the last time my pores were this unclogged, was when I was just born. All the statements about clean, unclogged, pores, impurities being removed, smoother looking skin, etc, is right.

L’OREAL Pure-Clay Mask

Not only did my face feel extremely clean, it felt refreshed. Know the feeling you get when you can’t breathe the best due to pollutants in the air around you? Then you get somewhere else and you finally smell fresh clean air. Finally, can breathe!?! That was my face. My skin could finally breathe. No longer being bogged down by makeup residue, clogged pores, or other impurities. I’ve not felt anything quite like it quite before and I was loving it!

With the average price being between $13-$15 for only 1.7 oz, I do wish they increased the amount they give you. Due to the thickness, you have to use a nice amount of the mask in order to cover the entire face also. They recommend using 3xs a week as well. In order for someone to be able to use the mask 3xs a week, they’d need to water down their jar a little. If you don’t you’d not be able to get very many uses per jar. I would guess someone might get between 4 or 5 uses out of a jar. If they are lucky.

All in all, I would still highly recommend the L’OREAL Pure-Clay Mask. Despite the average price, I’d still purchase the product when I had the extra funds available. If you want a fresh feeling face with unclogged pores, this is a great product. It also helps that it is for all skin types!

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