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Doing Laundry: The Aftermath Of Sick Kids

It seems to officially be flu/cold season at our house and it sucks! Dealing with one person after another being sick has not been fun. It’s like as soon as someone is feeling better and I breathe a sigh of relief, someone else has it. Darn you never ending cycle of partial death!

I mean any parent that has had a sick child knows it can be one of the worst things ever. Especially if the child is young. Seems like the younger they are, the worse it is on both the child and the parent. Here we are with a small child who wants nothing but to feel better and we are completely powerless.

Thankfully as they get older, it doesn’t seem as bad. (Not saying it isn’t bad or anything because being sick at any age sucks.) Instead of throwing up everywhere and just laying there screaming bloody murder, they can walk in and say they need you to clean up the surprise they left in their bed for you. OR in my case, they puke in their bed, then in your bed, all over the clean laundry, on your bedroom floor, and anywhere else a clean piece of material might be.

Since every blanket, towel, rag, stuffed animal, rug, and piece of clothing in your home has been puked on or smells horrific, you either gotta spend the next week doing laundry non-stop or break down and haul everything to the laundry mat. Oh the joys of bagging up all the rancid smelling things. All to place them in your car, grab the bottle of Febreeze, a can of air freshener, roll the windows down, hold your breath and pray you don’t pass out before getting there.

As you start to pull into the empty parking spot, you are thinking ‘TOUCH DOWN!!! I made it here and didn’t die.’ Thinking that the worst part is finally over. Sadly you are mistaken. If you were lucky enough to not have to bring your puking children with you, thats a bonus. Just because trying to take care of sick kids in a laundry mat isn’t always easy to start with. Add puke to the mix and it’s even worse.

Instead, you get to deal with a bunch of strangers. These aren’t your normal strangers either, oh no! They like to give weird looks and stare at you while you walk by carring a bag that smells like death. Some may even go as far as creeping up by you just to see what in the world you have in the bag.

After three bottles of laundry detergent, two bottles of liquid fabric softener, and a box and a half of dryer sheets, the clothes finally look and smell clean. It might have taken you a few hours at the laundry house of horror, but it is fimally done. Nice, warm, dry, and puke free. Only one question remains. Do you stay there and fold all the clothes or say forget it. I say, drag them back home to fold and put away. At least then you are in the comfort of your own home.

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