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Guide To Apply Makeup (with images)

Everyone has their own style when applying makeup. Here’s what I’ve found works best for me.

Step 1) Moisturize

While it doesn’t seem important and most forget, moisturizing your face can make a huge difference. Try something lightweight. I’d also recommend moisturizing 15-20 minutes before applying any makeup.

Step 2) Facial Prime

This is one of the Primers I personally use. Maybelline Master Prime By FACESTUDIO

Using a facial primer will make a huge difference. It helps prep your skin. Basically, preparing your skin like an artist might pre their canvas. If you can find a primer with SPF, even better.

Step 3) Lip Primer

NYX Lip Primer that I use.

I’ve always liked to use a lip primer right after using a facial primer. Personally, it allows my lips more time to be prepared. My lip gloss, lip stick, or lip stain always seems to go on much better.

Step 4) Liquid Foundation

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Liquid Foundation I use

Some may advice to apply corrector or concealer before foundation. Others say apply foundation first. Personal, I found applying liquid found first is what I prefer. It allows me to see what is still visible and needs to still be covered up.

Step 5) Corrector/Concealer

e.l.f. Color corrector and L’Oreal true match concealer

First, use the correct color of corrector on any blemishes, dark circles, red spots, or dull areas visible. Once you’ve done this, you can use a concealer over top and help blend it in.

Step 6) Liquid Foundation (optional)

Sometimes I find it best to add another thin layer of liquid foundation over the entire face. Of course this is not always needed.

Step 7) Foundation Powder

My pressed powder foundation by Rommel London

After all of the foundation is done, correctors and concealers applied, take a large makeup brush and lightly dust over the entire face using foundation powder. This can also be known as pressed powder. It helps get rid of that shiny, wet appearance.

Step 8) Eyeshadow

Love The City Mini Palette In Rooftop Bronzes by Maybelline

Selecting which eyeshadow colors you will be going with, can be a hard choice. I prefer more natural looks and add a bit of pop on the occasion.

Step 9) Eyeliner

Two of my Physicians Formula eyeliners

With the eyeshadow done, you can apply the liner. Apply to upper eyelid, lower lid, lash line, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Step 10) Eyelash Primer

L’Oreal Base is one of my favs

I’ve just recently began using eyelash primer, but highly recommend it. I can always tell a difference from when I use it and when I don’t. I’m sure it seems like an unnecessary step, but adding a quick coat of primer on before your mascara equals thicker, longer, and stronger lashes.

Step 11) Mascara

Works great with the base

After applying the eyelash primer, I wait maybe a minute before applying my mascara. This allows the primer a little time to set and not get mixed in my mascara wand. I use to apply primer and then mascara within seconds, big mistake. My eyelashes would only get partly coated in mascara and my mascara wand would end up with primer on it.

Step 12) Lip gloss

NYX makes some of the best glosses

I personally wear more lip gloss than lip stick or stain. Now that my lip primer has plenty of time to have set in, applying lip gloss is simple. My lips don’t look all chapped, the gloss glides on super smooth and easily. For those who wear lip stick or stains, I might recommend applying lip liner first.

Step 13) Setting Spray

Setting spray is highly recommend if you’d like your look to stay and last. I’ve also been told it is a must when getting ready for special occasions, dates, etc. A few quick sprays over the face and BAM, all done. You are ready to take off.

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