Helping A Needy Family

Help a family that is in desperate need.

Many of us are lucky to have a decently normal/average life. It is easy to take the small things in life for granted. Thing most grew up having without a second thought. Things like working heat, a safe drivable car, warm bed, clean clothes, food to eat, a roof over our head, etc.

Here is one of the children in the family needing help.

If we can help a family in need and have the means, shouldn’t we? Life doesn’t always go as planned for everyone. Sometimes things happen that are out of someone’s control. It’s during someone’s time of need, we need to help when possible.

Below is the link with the family’s story and where you can donate. Even if you can’t donate, take 2 seconds out of your life to simply press share. Most of us will spend hours of our day on social media sharing some of the most random, dumb things ever. So why can’t you take 2 seconds to share a worthy cause?

Link: Help Family In Need


FaceBook Page



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